Online Learning in Medical Education

Online Learning in Medical Education
Online Learning

Online Learning in Medical Education

Medical education across the globe has many long-established academic approaches to learning, which includes face to face classroom lectures through a teacher-centered model. This specific way of educational practice is quite noticeable within a teaching culture. However, it is turning redundant as medical education industry is adopting emerging practices and new technologies. Hence, a transformation in medical education practices from conventional forms of teaching to modernized sources can be seen with the use of online, distance or electronic learning.

Shift to Online Learning 

Online learning can be well defined as the use of electronic technology to provide, support and improve both learning and teaching involving interactions amid learners and teachers using online content. Online learning can offer students with more straightforward and valuable access to a wide variety and superior quantity of information. However, the shift from conventional to online learning is not devoid of challenges. The mounting time constraints and demands are recurrently placed on both educators and students, steering to find new approaches of offering a more personalized and engaging learning experience.

Use of Modern Technology

Modern technology can present advanced, reusable content in a format that is handy to the learners and which can be easily stored. It can be utilized to transcend geographical boundaries as well as time zones. As well as just providing content is not sufficient, the information presented can be improved and thus turned easier to digest by the use of technology.

From the view of an educator, the logic here is to convert the passive reading to active media which can bring in better interactivity. Also, because of the ever shifting nature of online learning and skills required for e-learning, medical staff needs to develop these skill-sets swiftly. So, considering these requirements, team at Apricus Med-Tech is working on advanced online learning technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Gamification for medical students and professionals to make them reach their full potential.

Significant Impact on the Learning Environment

E-learning is bringing a significant impact on the learning environment in which future medical students can quickly learn. This initiative is facilitating medical educators taking on the role of an enabler and evaluator of competency.

Most medical students find online learning a more practical and useful methodology for their career growth. Studies on medical students have showcased that satisfaction is higher with a blended learning environment of classroom training and online education when matched to traditional lecture settings. Further research is required to create the role of blended learning in the current medical education scenario.

Moving Forward

Medical educators should continue to engage with online learning approaches to come up with new ways to train medical students. As per the industry experts, the new educational methodologies will be accepted and will have the prospective to offer better engagement matched with conventional didacticism.

However, the customary LMS platforms are too complicated for medical students to learn. Unlike the standard LMS platforms, MED-GURU LEP by Apricus Med-Tech focuses on entirely immersive learning experience through a blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Gamification. So, with MED-GURU, medical students get to study and learn from the best minds in the profession with just a click of a button and also simplify the learning processes.

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