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new age learning management platform.

Unlike the traditional LMS platforms, MED-GURU LEP focuses on totally immersive learning experience through a combination of Augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Gamification. 

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LMS Medguru

Our mission is to Empower Healthcare Professionals!

We make learning enjoyable and fun!

With MED-GURU, medicine students get to learn from the best minds in the profession at the click of a button! We demystify complex topics in medicine and make learning enjoyable and fun. 

CME Programs for Physicians

For Physicians looking to upskill their professional performance, MED-GURU offers a variety of CME (Continuing Medical Education) Programs. After successful completion of CME, each attendee gets a certificate to showcase his credentials

Why Do Doctor's use MedGuru LEP?

Bashir Alaour
I must say it is a fantastic product we have in our hands. MedGuru focuses on totally immersive learning methodologies providing learners with a great learning experience.
Dr. Bashir Alaour

Healthcare Learning Made Easy!

Features of MedGuru LMS

We provide leading Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide powerful Healthcare LMS that's easy to use.

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