Expert Second Opinion

Expert Second Opinion

Our social responsibility

Get remote tele-video Pro-bono consultation!

As part of our social responsibility and to do good for the community, our expert team of physicians offers remote tele/video-consultation pro-bono to the patients exclusively from developing countries. 

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Smart and Adaptable

Our mission is to simplify Healthcare Education

Personalized Learning Paths

MaxCoach supports the act of teaching and learning on multiple platforms like online or offline via material downloads. We know things aren’t supposed to be devoured in a short time, you can always access our knowledge base from any device. 

Scenario-Based Learning

Study for a number of courses at the same time is possible as long as you can afford the fee and time for completing them in the proper time. Learn at your own desired timeline and timetable. Maximum up to 5 course at a time for a learner at MaxCoach.

Robust Course and Content Management

It’s not just a normal thing to be able to build such a solid online educational system like MaxCoach where your progress is easily tracked and feedback is properly delivered. We promise to keep improving our system for better stability and flexibility. 

Why Do Doctor's use MedGuru LMS?

I am free to learn at my own pace, follow my own schedule and choose the subject I like. Great study portal for people like me.
Mina Hollace
/ Freelancer
MaxCoach is my best choice. Their tutors are smart and professional when dealing with students.
Madley Pondor
/ IT Specialist
I am happy with their arrangement of lessons and subjects. They reflect a scientific investigation.
Luvic Dubble
/ Private Tutor
I'm a very strict person so I require everything to be organized and neat. MaxCoach guys just got me.
Florence Themes
/ Multimedia Admin

Healthcare Learning Made Easy!

Features of MedGuru LMS

We provide leading Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide powerful Healthcare LMS that's easy to use.